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JGSACO core mission is to be the best Shipping Agencies in the Middle East region through maintaining the following:



  • Superb managerial skills,

  • Skilled teams of extraordinary professionals who works round- the-clock assuring the satisfaction of our clients are being met and exceeded,

  • Accuracy and urgency in fulfilling our commitments to our clients,

  • High level & continuous service quality,

  • Knowledge sharing system to enhance the usage of our network expertise in saving our clients time and money and maximizing their total satisfactions through eliminating unnecessary efforts,

  • Growth and development through applying a proactive risk management procedure enabling us to identify both risk and opportunities before their occurrence, and

  • Corporate Social Responsibility System through being a good corporate citizen in the community and operating sustainably towards social wellbeing and a green environment.

JGSACO shipping operations department is on call 24/7 to satisfy your vessels need and to exceed all expectations.

Our Mission
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