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  • To be the best in shipping & agencies in the Middle East region by becoming global in outlook, while sensitive and responsive to national and local issues.

  • To deliver values while making sure our operations is done in an ethically and socially responsible manner.

  • To provide timely, effective, and reliable services for the customers.

  • To be superior service provider in term of quality and efficiency.

  • To always exceed our client expectations.

  • To be reachable 24/7 and ready in all aspects to monitor all incoming/outgoing communications and act on behalf of our clients with urgency and accuracy.

  • To identify risk and create opportunities for our clients through using the right dialogue, communication style, creative thinking and knowledge sharing system.

  • To be technologically advanced and aware of our surroundings: both internally and externally.

  • To remain committed to long term relationships by offering/outsourcing our knowledge and expertise proactively and voluntary.

  • To insure the highest level of health and safety procedure are being implemented for our operations and to respect laws and customs of our clients, associates and business partners and operate side by side with them.

  • To do business with others in accordance with the company value.

  • To make services, transactions and contracts efficient and effective.

JGSACO shipping operations department is on call 24/7 to satisfy your vessels need and to exceed all expectations.

Goals & Objectives
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