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Baltic Control is regarded as one of JGSACO most valuable associates and 3rd Party Service Provider. As we both Share the same View, Vision & Goal in becoming the best in the region and provide high quality services. We recommend Baltic Control - Jordan as a 3rd party service provider.

Baltic Control is a leading global inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Baltic Control is an international recognized and operate through a network of offices across all geographical regions of the world.


Baltic Control introduces, but not limited to, the following Services:


  • Inspection of Agricultural Products

  • Inspection of Industrial Goods and Capital Projects

  • Inspection of Consumer Products

  • Inspection of E-Commerce

  • Control In Connection With Banking and Other Financial Transactions – Collateral Management

  • Inspection of Fertilizers, Ores, Metals and Coals

  • PSI Inspection, Price Verifications and Auditing

  • Issuing If Landing Certificates / Arrival Documentation

  • Issuing Of Certificates of Animal Welfare during Transportation

  • Port Operations and Marine Surveys

  • Inspection of Mineral Oil and Petrochemicals

  • Inspection of Cotton

  • Logistics, Dispatch and Consultancy Services

  • Baltic Interactive – Media Consultancy

  • Fumigation Services

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